If it’s not one thing…


…it’s another.

Alright, next week are mid-terms. Mid-terms! I’m in shock! In awe! In ill-advised glee!

Then it’ll be Spring Break. Don’t know what will exactly happen, but I’m sure that we’ll get a huge cold front with lots of rain. Like all of the other times.

So how’s you? My nose is drippy, and I’m stuffy with nose mucus. Tomorrow’s Harlingen Market Day, and today is the last day of classes before mid-terms.

Gah! Mid-terms!

Another part of me is all, “Joe, relax! You’ll do fine! Go knit something, will you?” while the part that is causing my hysteria in the first part is going, “Miiid-terms!” in a sly, wheedling voice. I drown it out by wondering how much I can buy so I can get another sweater done. Or at least a cardigan. Which is a touch over 2,000 yards of worsted. I shudder to think how much it’ll take for sport. Or even worse, fingering. *blargh*

How this turned into a knitting thing, I have no idea. Anything to drown out that voice. :}


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