And action!


First things second: I am directing a play.

Explaination of the first second thing: I am in one of the college clubs, Dingbat Productions, a drama club of non-dubious origin. Already done well-recieved plays for the past three or so years, and I decided to take my chances and join in.

Well, today assorted members pitched plays, and I suggested one by fellow LJ lostncove. One of the members found a read-only file of the script online, and after doing a few pages of it (which brought lots of fun from the club members) we decided to do it, and chose me to direct it.

Catch: I have to cast it, block it, and other things. Thankfully I have a club filled with experienced folks who will no doubt help me out with lots of things.

Also, it gives me the chance to pull that scene from Blazing Saddles…


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