First off, thanks to all the comments folks. Glad to know that even when you’re down, like I was yesterday (damned blue moods), there’s still folks cheering you on. You guys are the greatest. 🙂

Secondly, I have found a nifty bit of geekery in regards to micro-production. Harvard, it seems, has perfected how to mass produce little robots. These are expected to be part of an ongoing project to help monitor ongoing productions such as weather.

Thirdly, in an effort to alleviate the on-going knittery of the scarf, I’m trying another try at EZ’s pi shawl.


Remember this? This ball (along with two others) is from the sweater I dismantled years ago. I got a good look at them months ago, skeined them, washed them, and rewound them. Last night I took one out and wondered about making another one. I need to look through my pattern books to see about adding motifs though.

Lastly (and once again I have no idea how this became a knitting entry), speaking of skeins, I broke down and got a yarn swift from Ebay. The excuse is for me to skein all of my harvested yarn, wash them, re-skien and sell them on Etsy as recycled yarn.

Considering that most of the impromptu clothing shops around Harlingen and Brownsville sell wooly (and blended wools) sweaters for pennies on the dollar, I can get them, dismantle them, and resell as yarn for the knitter needs. Any thoughts to that?


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