I've forgotten all about you folks.  This past two days have been me and my new addiction: the anime Eyeshield 21.  Talks about a football team.  No not rugby, American football.  It's alright and pretty good for a sports anime.

Anyways, how's you people?  I'm alright, though I'm feel I'm slipping back into my old habits of skipping class.  I shouldn't, but dangit I'm here in front of a computer and the net and….*sighs*

I swore to myself that I wouldn't do this.  I promised that I would not skip class so I can have more net time or knitting time or shit like that.  And I'm doing it again!  Dammit!

At least it's a laptop.  I can turn you off.  I can let the battery run out of energy.  I can actually get to class instead of surfing!



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