How-to, lean-to, and other problems


A question that first came out from the 52 Photo set and is now repeated this time is, “Who is taking the photos?” To that I have a simple answer: me.

My trusty camera has a ten-second timer that I use most of the time. I set it, strike a pose, and let it do its thing. It takes a few adjustments because I don’t have a tripod and the only way to raise it up is to put things under it, which really gives a few people seeing me taking self-portraits a few raised eyebrows but think nothing of it (I hope).

Mentioned by noodlesandbeef, from his Tumblr page, I have learned of an amazing tripod, the GorillaPod, which has flexible legs that can attach themselves around anything. I want to buy this, and will later on probably, because it will solve the paranoia of having any hypothetical thieving. Of course, that has not happened yet, but the image of someone skateboarding/biking and then suddenly snatching it mid-trip has been something haunting me since I started with photomemes.

Thanks in part to wooferstl, I am trying to be more creative with my photos. Whether that will lead to post-processing (as in one of the previous shots), I think it will. I found a set of Photoshop Actions that mimic the now-popular Instagram photo effects, and I’m still on the fence whether I should start to use them or not.

At the moment, I am having a lot of fun with this meme, and I do not know what else this will have in store for me. More lessons in photography will be in store, I’m sure.


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