So, while I’m here looking for a good time at UTB, allow me a brief review.

DSCF9212 copy

Four pockets of stuff! Four! It’s almost to much to bear.

  • Workout clothes are just simple shorts and house shirt. I need to fix a schedule so I can work out more often.
  • Knitting includes the scarf and the sock. Either or, there’s enough room for both.
  • Laptop, of course, includes charge cord, wireless mouse, and earphones. Now that I put in some of my music in the laptop now, I don’t need to connect the iPod anymore.
  • Five textbooks, thankfully not all used in one day. I have Composition Tuesdays and Thursdays, three (Pre-Cal, Macroeconomics, and Music Appreciation) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and an intro to college class only on Wednesday morning. So I have to shift book loads everyday or so. Not too bad though.

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