Thoughts on everything


Today, I’m over at the UTB library, while people are looking over my shoulder and wondering what I am to be typing.

Or would be, if they weren’t busy with their own lives. Hurray for minding one’s business.

Anywho, the weather is perfect, the sun is shining, little cloud cover, and breezy winds. I would call this kite-flying weather, but I have yet to find a field without any kind of wires. *shrugs*

Due to inspiration from other sources, I’m thinking of frogging my already finished sock and redoing the heel and/or redoing the leg. *sweatdrop* I know, I know, I know. But dangit, it’s my socks I’m making. Allow me some kind of leeway. Sheesh.

Once again, I am at odds over my sourdough starter. I mentioned before that it is a resilient thing, but after a month of just sitting on my dresser, I give it food and BAM! bubbles and foam and a heavy bready smell. It is interestingly awesome. I *really* have to make some bread this weekend.

Class isnt’ until noon, which makes me wonder if I should have really taken the early morning bus to the college. Maybe I should sleep late to get some leeway? Hm.


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