Undecided, undefined [5/360]



Today's shot from the local Salvation Army. It was Harlingen Market Days today, where I spent most of the day away from the home and away from the computer. Mostly just walked the streets, admiring the mass of people there was. Although I cursed the lack of wooly sweaters. Most were acrylic with sergred seams. Blech.

But I'm not deterred! For I have this!


Mentioned that gave me a gift certificate from KnitPicks. Well, when I went there, there was a book sale, where I promptly went into glee and bought this book.

Verdict? E. Zimmerman is a blessed genius.

But then, you knitters already know this.

These are patterns that are pure garter. Well, one or two have stockinette in it, but it is used as a textural thing instead of structural. Most of the stuff is freakin' ingenious. I mean, vertical socks? Foldable jackets? Puckish hats? Yeah, I can see some of the kids getting these in the later months.

The book has some excellent patterns, which only make me bow down my head and thank the lucky stars I know how to knit.

And I've already started on one last night.


This, my friends, is the beginning of the cover project, a chambered nautilus tam, knitted in some of my hand-dyed yarn. I might have to start over because I don't think I have enough yarn, which will be a shame because it is a *very* simple project. It's iCord (see what I did there?) with a slight short row and plenty of garter. A mindless project, but it makes you be careful because you can easily mess it up.

As I said, EZ is a fantastic designer. I plan to knit more than a few things from this book. 😀


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