*click* [1-2/360]


Another thing is that I am finally over the whole OMG! PHOTOS OF ME! thing. Now that I have a camera with card, I can finally do this.

So one of my so-called resolutions:

360 Days of Photos!

I just wish I can get some pointers with doing this meme.  I mean, 360 photos of me, in every pose possible, some even NSFW.  At least I can put those behind cuts.

So, to begin…

First off, new hat! Found this, of all things, under the bed while I was getting out one of the kids' Christmas gifts. I opened one of the many boxes there and gave it a nice dusting. It's one of those thick felt hats that I got from Salvation Army. Or Goodwill? Gosh, it's been so long.

And yes, that's pink champagne I was drinking for New Years. Got rascally drunk afterwards. 😀

And the day after, which had me doing the dishes.  Overslept, but then, I didn't care.  New year, new things to do, I guess.


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