Year In Review [46/52]


Only six more pics to go. Doesn’t really matter though, I had a good time playing with the weeks. Now, to review, like I do every end of the year.

Woke up, woke down, woke sideways.

Made sweaters, shawls, hats, gloves, socks.

Rode up, down, here, there, everywhere.

Looked for jobs, didn’t get jobs, found one I wasn’t expecting.

Went to meetings, went to the library, went to work.

Got skivvy, got drunk, didn’t get laid.

Did a photomeme, a 12-month mixtape set, lots of artwork.

Walked, talked, asked questions.

No spite, no hatred, just had my emo-protection on.

And for the year to come? Oh gosh, I don’t know. Really, I don’t.


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