Knitting, knitting, more knitting


Did I mention knitting? I don’t think so.

Also, yarn. What’s up with that?

Christmas, apart from its definite lack of cheer (I blame the WAY-before Thanksgiving tactics), is alright. Tree is up, house is decorated. Diana has had a definite spark of gifts her way by winning a free car, thanks to an anon donator who gave her, apart from three sacks worth of toys for the kids, gave her a brand new 2005 Taurus, with certificates for free tuneups of assorted natures, and gift certificates.

Me? I’m here, wanting yarn. dineegla already gave me a gift certificate to KnitPicks, so I’m a happy moose. I’d be even more happy if I get more spending money for yarn. I want to have enough for another pullover.

Like I’d ever wear it. The weather here has fluctuated between bitter cold and rain to windy sunny days. San Benito has always been one for wacky weather. Damned Nature, being bi-polar. Eat some chocolate!

This is my Sinfest Secret Santa gift that I mailed off Friday along with all of the Christmas Cards (If you haven’t known about them, I’m sorry, I only gave you folks one heads up and lost track of time). Using US6 needles and almost the two skeins of the Sundara yarns that I was given in September, the scarf measures to six feet even by six inches. The border is classic three-stand braid while the middle is EZ’s Diamonds with assorted knit-purl stitches as filling. An entertaining knit, and one of the most interesting ones I’ve done in a while.

Well, I tell a lie, because I’m doing a sock know that is more interesting because it’s fair-isle.

[insert photo of sock here]

I’d take a photo of it, but I promised myself I won’t until I finish them. Or at least I can find the blasted memory card again. *sighs* Anywho, it uses the birthday yarn that I got this year, and it’s very colorful. Like, stripey colorful.

And it’s quick too. Toe-up, these are freakin’ speedy. But then, it’s stripey, and I’m always thinking ‘One more row!’ My Minecraft antics are losing to this, that’s how I’m heading out here. *lol*


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