Office quickie


“I am curious as to her status.”
The receptionist glanced over his typewriter to glance at the newcomer. A thick wooly overcoat hid most of the clothing, but his gaze slid over the extremely long blue-green plaid scarf and the matching fedora.
“I am sorry, Mister Morris, but I stand by my statement. Miss Pearl is not seeing anyone at the moment.”
The guy removed his hat and scratched his head. “I am simply wondering why she would book me for a session then not show up for it. I thought she would at least let me know.”
The phone rang, and the receptionist picked it up. “Yes, Miss Pearl’s office…yes, he’s here…” He nodded to Franklyn. “Alright, I’ll tell him.” He hung up the phone.
“Apparently, she had an emergency meeting with one of her superiors,” he said. “She’ll be with you shortly.”
Franklyn sat down as the receptionist inserted a fresh sheet of paper into the machine and typed with perfect efficiency. About five minutes later, a lithe figure came into the room dressed in conservative fashion.
“Mister Morris, welcome back. Are you ready for another session?”
He nodded and followed her to the office, noticing that her clothing was somewhat askew, as if she took it off then hastily put it back on.
Ah well, he thought as he sat down on the psychiatrist’s couch, even the therapist had a few secrets of her own; although, he gave a fleeting thought to what that meeting consisted of.


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