Moose, Minecraft, and You


Alliteration fail. >.>

So, how’s you? Me? I’m in an awesome mood. I’ve finally gotten my fall gardening done (uprooting/separation/replanting of bulbs and light pruning of roses and trees). Tomorrow I’ll feel it: I’ll be sore as hell and my back will try to fuck me over, but for now I’m just going to enjoy the job well done. Might even plan to plant other plants. But that comes later.

Now that I have no home net, I have reverted back to Minecraft. But I’ve been playing the latest pre-release (read: buggy) version, and have to say it’s nifty. Have to revert back though, because it’s not agreeable (read: too buggy).

In other news, I’m finally getting back into the groove of things and going back to college. Major is still Math, and I’ve gotten plenty of paperwork done. None of the idiotic people asking for proofs of residence, none of the advisers getting the wind out of my sails, just smooth sailing. And I’ll be looking for most of the classes on internet settings, to save gas and time.

Not to say that the trip from here to Brownsville is fantastic, I mean, a round trip for only $0.75? Yes! It’s just that trip is so long that I have to fit my school schedule in a two-hour setting. Good for a half-timer, but for a full-timer? Nah. Heck, I might use that schedule for the gym there. I need to get up to par like Moose. But with no kittens cheering me on. 😉


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