I’m not getting into NaNoWriMo this year. Last year had me distracted with wooly lace. This year will have me distracted with news writing. *shrugs* Ah well.

So what’s up with you guys? Me? Nothing really. I’m here, at work, wondering just when I’ll get my husbear so I can snug and cuddle. *sighs*

Also, there is, once again, no home net. No real harm, because the news office has wifi. Still, the point of me wondering just where everything should be is bothering the hell out of me.

You see, I’m feeling that nothing is where it is supposed to be. I haven’t had this happen in most of this year, but with home matters (once again) coming to a head, I’m feeling I’m in the middle of this huge windstorm that is shifting everything around. *sighs more* But as the saying goes, “Those who sow the winds harvest the storms,” or something to that effect. Hmph.

There’s nothing really going on in the homefront. Diana is having a blast with her business, Mom is trying to get out of the house more, I’m knitting, working, and soon to be doing autumnal gardening (mostly of dividing bulbs and spreading them all over). I have to keep this terrible depression at bay, y’know.


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