Mmm, cake [40/52]


So this past Saturday was my birthday. No big major feat, only me turning a grand 32 years of age. Although there were no shout-outs here, there were plenty over in Facebook, which was a neat selling point. But then, I wasn’t on the computer for most of that day. I was knitting a sweater.

But enough of that, because this year my cake was spectacular.

Doesn’t it look so nummy? I mean, it was sooo good.

I’m referring to the strawberries. Dunno where you’re mind is. 😛 Anywho, Diana made sure they were very ripe and juicy, and it showed with every bit.

That is not a wand, it only looks like it. 😉 It’s the bread knife, which is rather worse I think. I like how the camera caught Dan at the very moment of mock-fright. *lol*

Don’t know if you can see it, but it is four layers. Filling is a sweet strawberry jam. Cake and frosting is classic Hershey’s. I really liked it; although it was too rich after the dinner of beef stew and BBQ chicken. Mmm.


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