Running updates! [38/52]


So while I'm listening to Benny Sings (I blame just a bit), let me inform you what has been happening with my life.

At the moment, I’m currently submitting two stories with every newspaper, with added photos. All in all, that is an average of $200 every paycheck. I don’t know if that is enough for a submission with food stamps, but I have the last four paystubs with me, so I can prove I have been working for two months already.

I do not know I can make it to Chicago again. If so, then it would be for MidWest FurFest and nothing else really: arrive Friday morning, leave Monday morning. Or not. At my current pay rate I mean, I don’t think I can afford even plane fare, much less hotel stays and food and stuff like that.

Not that I am complaining. I mean, it’s a job. Something to get my feet dancing, because I do not know what my next story will be!. It might be with the city, or a human interest one. Or something completely different. And the city officials are friendly and rather interesting.

Of course, I’m still knitting. Dan’s sweater is slowly getting to the joining stage. I cast on for the other Sam sock. I’m practicing with EZ Watchcap (with worsted held double). I’m ever-so-slowly inching towards finishing the Koolhaas hat.

The only thing I want is cold-ish weather. Of course most of you are experiencing winter (way too) early, but here it’s still lingering summer. Though, it’s starting to rain now. That doesn’t stop me from taking photos.

Hurray for church cake walks! German chocolate cake has never tasted so good.

Speaking of chocolate, it is soon to be my birthday, which is this Saturday. I am to be a solid 32 years old, and I am having the usual pre-birthday blues. More to the lines of, “Oh wailey wailey wailey, what have I done this past year besides sit on my ass al day and play wih the net.” It happens every year about this time, but then the birthday comes along, and I make resolutions to do better, and the cycle repeats itself. Oh wailey wailey wailey…

At least I have enough money to get myself a once-in-a-lifetime gift again. Maybe a Girl Genius Omnibus (or at least a pin!). Or a drop spindle so I can learn how to spin. Or something else. Hm.


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