Where in the Nine Hells are the you people?! Why havn’t you been around?! Sheesh!

Anywho, thanks in part of the Yarn Harlot, my inner nine-year old wants neon-bright socks. Yarn from Sweet Fiber Yarns, and I fell in love with the Wicked Sour and Lemon Lime colorways. *sighs*

I’m amazed that no one cooed over the gift of yarn I was given. Either you are too busy to see them, or that you were gnashing your teeth in envy. Either or.

Speaking of Harlot, I’ve found that she is heading towards Austin in the second half of October. I wouldn’t mind this as my Once-In-A-Lifetime birthday gift. All I need to do is to see about getting transport and a room to be in. I’m sure it’ll cost me a minimum of $200. Or less, if I can find a couch to sleep in. Maybe.

So what is going on with you folks?


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