Things have been so danged slow this past week. It has been just me, the news, and knitting.

I needed something to perk me up. Something to get me going. I have seen various knitting patterns and want to try my hand on a Queen Anne Lace shawl. But that comes after the sweater. Which still isn’t done yet. >.>

So it came a small surprise to find a mysterious package in the mail.

I opened it and found an even greater surprise.

Luscious, luscious wooly string.

Double the pleasure anyone?

The story goes thusly: After salivating over the recent colorways of Sundara Yarns, a certain Sinfester asked me if it was alright to give two skiens of those, as repayment for a hat I made for him years ago.. A week later, the colorways went out of commission *sadmoose* so I chose one of their usual colorways.

Colorway goes by the name of Ruby Port, and it is aptly named. Deep maroon overcast with black and, in some small spots, rich purple. It brings to mind freshly mined garnets. Fantastic color.

And the feel of it! I had to put it away to stop petting it. Rich aran-weight superwash has never felt so soft.

I know I’ll be making something spectaular with this. Maybe a Shifting Sands scarf. Goodness knows I need more scarves. ;D


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