*nomnomnom* [34/52]


That says it all, don't you think?

Since I left all of you hanging from yesterdays photo, let me fill you in some some details with the bread itself.

I StumbledUpon a Blogger known as Tartine Bread Experiment, dealing specifically with recipes from a certain cookbook.  After looking at a few essays, I targeted myself with a country loaf that looked very easy and worthwhile doing.  I followed the recipe to its specifications and instead of baking the entire thing in one loaf, or seperating it into six like the blogger did, I cut it in half, proofed in the fridge, and baked.  I posted the result last night.

I had a few slices for breakfast, and it turned out quite well.  The crust was not thick like the other times, and the interior was chewy with a mild tang.  Went very well as sandwich bread.


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