*bat bat bat* [32-33/52]


Behold! My latest toy: A Fujifilm 18MPx camera. With an excellent matte black finish. (Yes I know the irony. Shush.) I got it from QVC a few days ago and been playing with it since. Now I can finally catch up with the 52 photo meme.

What, you though I gave up on it? Shame!

See? Don’t I look mahvalous? *snortgiggles*

The boss-man. The editor of the newspaper, Mike. He took a look at the camera and approved. I’ll use it more for the stories instead of lugging around the news camera, which I think is a Cannon.

The San Benito Municipal Building. Originally the post office, it got remodeled into the head of all of the city. Most of my stories deal with the goings on in this building, and I hope that I’ll keep up with them.

The Tea Shop. The one that I’ve been going to for the past four years. Been around for that long and still most welcome.

And they know that I knit. They even asked me once to make teapot cosies. Dunno about that.


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