Hogs, blogs, and other meaty tidbits


AKA Running Commentary No. 4,583,018

So, while I’ve been here, I’ve been writing, knitting, facebooking, and other things. Including today, where I barbecued fajitas for Labor Day. And what is Labor Day without this video.

One of my favorite episodes. *lol*

Anyways, I’ve decided to pull off a Demoness Mentia and fission off to Tumblr. Already I’m settled in and doing who knows that with other things. Since my Blogger project didn’t exactly work out, I decided to go over to Tumblr and post pictures of sexy men. And of course other things. Be warned though, the site is NSFW.

I’ve also taken upon myself to order a new camera. And it is a nice one too, a 14megapixel Fujifilm camera from QVC. It is to replace the one I have right now. I mean, it’s good, its just that I’m getting tired of trying to turn it on/off. *shrugs* It’ll do fine.


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