It’s 101F outside. That’s not the point of this entry. What is the point is that I need to catch the folks up with some news.

Alex Moose and Bearnard wrapped up in a Noro knockoff, finished several weeks ago and still as warm and cuddly before. Before I move on, it was a a skein and a half each of LionYarn Amazing yarn, which is very soft and nice to knit with. The project itself was quietly meditative, just knit-purl-knit-purl-knit-purl-etc. I knit on to five feet even, since four skiens would add on to a total to eight feet.

I’ll save my over-long scarves when I knit the Doctor Who scarf. 😀 Also…

One of my purchases last week, along with the Woot shirt, was two more skiens of sweater yarn for Dan’s sweater, and a 24in US3 circular needle. I got both all the stuff yesterday and cast on for the body. Already did the bottom ribbing and working onwards on the body. I’m still kinda confused with the raglan shaping, so I’m rereading Knitting Without Tears and probably will calculate later on.

I’m also planning Seth’s and Caleb’s sweaters, maybe with some of the bulky Sheepsdown that I hear so much about. Still, that means I have to buy some more needles.

And another circular.

Oh dear.

Maybe with some worsted instead…?


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