"I’ll never be your beast of burden…"
-The Rolling Stones

While I’m waiting for the Editor to show himself with an article, let me recapitulate.

I do not like being the ‘only’ one doing the household chores.

I use the quotes because it still a grey area.  Diana mowed the front yard yesterday, for example, when I should have paid the lawn guy $30 for mowing it (that will come later for the backyard!)

But to be asked to do things simply for the reason that no one else wants to do it or, worse yet, won’t do it because they are distracted with the TV?  Fuck them.

Like this morning.  Cris asked me to take out the trash.  Never mind she can’t do it for some reason, she wants me to do it.  And when I complained, she had the damned gall to tell me that I’m stuck up because I have a job now.

Like her past years of working and doing jack-shit to the house are any indications of a pot calling kettle black.

Rebuttal: She pays half of the electric bill.

Oh, like that gives the right to layabout and watch TV every time she gets off of work.  I remember when I was paying house bills and still had to mow and wash dishes and take out trash while she did nothing.

Diana couldn’t comment then because she was asleep.  I’m sure the trash still won’t be put out because they’ll be expecting me to do it when I get back home.  No, I don’t think so.  Then, who knows.


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