I need a book av. Probably from the Sinfest comics. I’ll find one.

Or make one! *evil laugh*

Anywho, I am busily re-reading Jedediah Berry’s The Manual of Detection. It’s an awesome book, dealing with detection, dreams, mysteries, and…

Anyway, it focuses on a clerk who gets promoted into detective, given a mysterious book, then faces a few dead bodies, meets up with a few beautiful girls, tours a circus, etc.; all the while tangling himself more into a web of intriege and suspense to rival any previous hard-boiled detective novel.

I found the book first in the Harlingen library, and I read a random page. That page got me hooked in with its prose and utter simplicity. I checked it out and read it within the weekend. A few months later I’m checking it out again and savoring the book this time. I’m lingering over it like coffee, and loving it.

Next on the list is the last of the WoT series A Memory of Light, which Wikipedia tells me won’t be available until March of next year. I am eager as heck to read it. But that’s after I read The Towers of Midnight. Oh, Robert Jordan, how I miss you. 😦


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