I’ll be blunt. I have stuff on my needles. Not exactly lots of stuff, but it’s stuff. But before we get to that, let me show you what is off them.


Here’s Terra, wearing that her birthday gift: a hand-knitted scarf of Knitpicks Gloss Lace yarn, colorway Fiesta. I’m plotting the pattern and will post it the moment I finish getting distracted with other things.

Courtesy shots are here, here,, and here.


I deem this a Noro knockoff. Based off of the BrooklynTweed Noro scarf, but using Lion Yarns Amazing (which was on sale at HobbyLobby). I nabbed two of each colorway, a new set of US7s, and got to work. It is quite a relaxing thing to do, simple 1×1 rib. Very soothing.

This is contrast to my other project.


The motif of Dan’s sweater I’m making for a birthday/Christmas gift. Color’s a deep evening blue; I tried fixing it on Photoshop, but couldn’t. :\ Anywho, it’s probably going to be a EZ raglan. Even the motif is of hers. It’s not an easy knit and I’m sure I’ll finish the scarf sooner than I will finish the sleeve. Dan doesn’t mind though. He’s just happy I’m knitting him something.


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