Introspective Moose is Introspective [27/52]


Camera is fixed. Somewhat. The switch just didn’t work no matter what I did, so I simply drilled a hole into the case and will use that as the ‘button’. I need something to push so that I can use it more often. Instead of prodding it gently with my US0 doublepoint I mean. Still, half a loaf is better than none.

I’ve received some email about why I want to move to Blogger. I repeat the argument I mentioned before: I feel like I’m spamming you folks on the Friends list with my discussions on knitting and cookery, and I think it is time for me to scoot on over and do things over there. *shrugs* I still need to think things over though.

So I was walking home from the library yesterday and found a help wanted sign from a loan office about five, six blocks away from home. I called them this morning and asked if the job was still up for grabs. They said yes, so I came in later today. I found out, while I was filling out the application, that the position is for assistant manager, which kind of threw me off balance. I was going to leave, but the manager was like, “Are you good with [Microsoft] Word and Excel?” and I said yes.

She thought for a moment, and said, “Fill it out anyway.” (o.o?)

So I spent an hour filling the paperwork and gave it over. She looked it over and sounded very pleased with it, but she needed to hand it over to her supervisor. *shrugs* I hope I’ll get an interview. My slacks need an airing. :\


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