Don’t mind me…


I’m just watching the wheels turn ’round and ’round.

I’m doing fine; although, the recent entries I read have that mood eroding somewhat. Why is it that people have to post the bad things of their lives instead of the good? Are they really wanting the commiseration?

I’m in need of rotating my bookshelves again. I’ve read and reread all of the books in the Immediate Right bookshelf [all of the Anthony, Pratchett, and Christie], and they’re becoming blasé and gathering dust. However, there are not many books that fit the shelving besides these, so…

I also made some divine lemon-blueberry bread yesterday afternoon (Photo) that I found from Epicurious. It came out alright [though we snacked on the corner instead of slicing it] and it was very delish. Bright and lemony. I have to put the bottom with parchment paper next time I make it: It stuck a bit and needed the spatula to loosen it up.

One of these days I’ll have to write a story on how to spot a Moose. He’ll be probably knitting. That’s a key giveaway I think.

Hmph. So how’s the summer treating you? 🙂

Icon thanks to the freakin’ awesome [info]djinni


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