Nothing here, just move along.

Move along I said!

Fine, want to stay here? Good. Let me inform you so far on things so far. But first, let me show you a crazy-funny vid courtesy of the_gneech.

When I first saw this, I couldn’t stop laughing. I had tears coming out of my eyes and I was laughing so hard my stomach started to ache.

Why yes, this is my first time seeing the show, why do you ask?

Anyway, this past weekend was alright, apart from all of the damned rain that came here. Of course, Mom had the lawn man to come over and mow the back because we all agreed I couldn’t mow it, so now it’s wonderfully mowed over. The jungle has become a prarie.

We were invited over yesterday by Gloria for a 4th of July party, and we came in with expectations. At least I did. I thought it was to be boring, but no. It was amazingly awesome. There was an open bar, and I helped myself to a few drinks. I mingled with the crowd. I played a game of horseshoes. It was very fun.

Today I took the bus to Harlingen to walk around Jackson Ave. and see what the shops had. No sweaters, but I found lots of books, most I’ve read before. Still I have them. 😀

I don’t know what is happening tomorrow. My knee aches like crazy and my back is throbbing, no doubt from walking all over the place today. Ah, I need to get back to walking again. :\


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