Random hits from random sides [23/54]

  • First off, the modem is back on track.  Well, it was during the weekend, but the wi-fi wasn’t.  Let me explain: The modem needed a 12v adapter, and I’m looking and looking when I realized that, hey! the wireless router is still on.  I look at the adapter and find that, yes!!, it was indeed a 12v.  So I had net on the computer until the modem package came in.  Which was Monday afternoon, in which I simply put in the new adapter back onto the old modem and fixed the wi-fi back up.  I’m a super genius!
  • Last weekend I tidied my room up a bit: cleaned out the piles of trash taking up the room and giving the carpet a good vaccuum.  I also changed bedsheets and turned the matress around [my back is much better now].  And I changed chairs.  The Chair With Stuff On It is now the new computer chair.  As shown:

    This was taken last night.  I love it.

    Anyways, the problem now is twofold.  One is that, although it is utterly comfortable, it is bulky as hell and cannot manuveur as neatly as the other chair [now the new Chair With Stuff On It], and the other is that it makes my legs and knees very sore.  I don’t know why though, but I would hazard the guess that the lack of dangling this chair gives me.  I really do not know if I should switch them back.  Maybe after another week.

  • Knitting is doing well. I’m making a birthday lace scarf for Terra, and a chemo hat for one of my cousins up in Washington.  She’s undergoing treatment for lukemia, so Mom and I thought it would be awesome to make her a few hats and send them over.  I had to scour my yarn collection and found the leftover skien of baby yarn that I made Mister Sam’s hat a few years back.  I need another skien of the stuff though.  Hopefully they still sell some in Hobby Lobby.
  • The scarf on the other hand is becoming quite a lovely pattern: A large holed Shetland lace with a central motif in the middle.  Both patterns from the Barbera Walker books.  I need to post photos of that when I get the camera fixed. 🙂


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