*heavy sighs*


For the life of me, I am at a slight loss.

Sure it was thundering and lightning yesterday [and signs point to the same today] but that is not what is bothering me.  What is bothering me is the fact that the home net is not working.

Where am I then?  At the library, but that is not the point.

The point is that, after a bit of testing, deemed the adapter to be at fault.  I had to open up the modem itself to figure that out though.  I did call AT&T for support, and found that I would have to pay $65 for a new one.  Fortunately I rolled a 20 on my charisma and charmed the lady to hook me up with a new one free of charge.  Well, I’m paying $10 for the shipping and handling, but that’s a small thing to worry about.

Hope everything’s going well on your end. 🙂


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