Questions, answers, and other wastes of thought


Heya.  What’s up?

I’m just here, in good condition.  But that can change at any given moment.  I’m like the weather, changable at a moments notice.

But not now.  It’s been hot and dry for the past month and a half, and no sign of stopping.  Oye you folks up there!  Give us your rain and flooding!  We promise we won’t regret it.  Much.

Apart from job hunting [which is kinda nil] and my knitting [workable] and other stuffs, there’s nothing really to talk about.  I want to go to Anthrocon, but no money due to lack of job.  I want to go back to college, but I have to pay my way, which I can’t because of lack of job.  Bah. *shakes fist*

I’m also thinking of moving over to Blogger, but don’t know if I should.  What will I lose if I do?

I’ve read an most fascinating article on quantum mechanics in this month’s Scientific American, on how the quantum world could affect us on a macroscopic scale, and as I read it, it finally dawned on me: I want to study this.  I want to see how this works, and to help chart this still-unknown territory.  Of course, this means I have to get to school.  And for that…well…


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