Party! [21/52]


I have been too slack with my photomeme. Sorry. Been more away from computer than anything really. Catching up with reading, gardening, knitting. And job hunting, let’s not deny that.

Anywho, yesterday was Terra’s 10th birthday, where it was at the local Peter Piper’s Pizza. Lots of photos taken, mostly by me.

Except for this one. 😀

The birthday girl! She had much longer hair, but got it cut off and gave it away. I say the cut screams out loose curls, but others are not too keen on perming it. Whatever happened to shamoo-and-sets? :\

Mom looking warm under her shawl. A few compliments were directed at it, which in turn got to me. ^_^

Front: Illiana and Terra. Rear: One of the guests and Diana

Hello Kitty cookies and cakepops, both were pretty delicious.

Terra’s colored page. Had these printed out for the kids.


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