Second verse, etc.


So we finally found someone to take a look at the plumbing [we all didn’t want to have the one who fixed it the last time – so many problems with his work] and we found some shocking news.

Does this area look familiar? Well, it should.

The same place. The same fucking place! How stupid is that?! Oh and it gets worse! The person who put it together the first time didn’t use the right couplings. *points to them* They are PVC couplings, and he was supposed to use ceramic. That means that the problem didn’t get resolved, it was more of a slap-patch work and shit like that.

Anyway, the new guy [who looks like a more Mexican version of Mario (without the suspenders)] is already fixing the problem and discussing with Mom for further instances of renovation, which may includes cabnetry and new countertops. I hope so: living with mildew-encrusted wood is not to my liking.


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