It seems I have a terminal case of Second Sock Syndrome.  I should be worried but I don’t know.

Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) is, as the Yarn Harlot put it, when you’re finished with a sock, your mind freezes at the thought of making the second one, and will seek ways to prevent that from happinging.  Mostly by starting another pair of socks.  At the moment, the thought of me finishing up the Sam socks seems to be unfeasable, so, instead, I’m doing a scarf.


Just a basic garter stitch with mitered corners.  This was to start off as a baby blanket, but then I’m like, ‘Do I even have enough yarn for that?’ The answer to that was, of course ‘No’.  Instead i got all of my scrap yarn and started doing this.  I might make an iCord border, dunno.

Will I start on the sock then?  Well…


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