*casts Slow2*


Oh no, the villian had a Reflect cast on him!  Noooo….

So yes, it’s a slow news day here.  Well, of news that I can post.  The kitchen is still leaking, the lawn still needs watering, I’m still knitting.

And playing Minecraft.  Musn’t forget about that.

I’m reading V is for Vendetta, and I have to say that it is much more gritty than the movie.  Sure there’s some parts that the movie echos, but it is more satisfying to read it.

Diana, in her whimsy, has decided to open a cookie baking service for a close circle of friends, just to see how it works.  She says that since she has all of the cookie cutters from the Drop In and Decorate meets, might as well put them from good use.  We’ll see how that comes up.

I got a hold of a yard length counter.  Plus my diet scale and I have an rather interesting motive to sell recycled sweater yarn on Etsy.  Could work once I catagorize all of my yarn. 😀


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