Time and time again I swerve towardsjust cleaning out what I dub ‘web-debris’.  Basically that means removing any kind of things distracting me.  I did that once when I gave up on Farmville [only to replace it with Cityville].  And of course, trying to get some real-world stuff under my belt.  Or as Steely Dan once sung, the wetside.

Things are just wonky here.  Plain wonky.  I’m thinking of just deleting everything on the net, including my DA account, my FA account, this journal, the Facebook, etc.  I know it’s a very drastic thing to do, but I’m just so tired.

I’m guessing this is a black mood for me.  Better than getting into thoughts of physical suicide I guess. *chuckles*

So what’s up with you folks?  Everything is alright as they can get I hope.


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