Alrighty then!


Now that the camera is back, I can do this:

Birthday shawl for my sister-in-law, Angelica. (If you’re reading this, pretend to act suprised eh? 🙂 It’s not finished yet, I still have a good fourth of the skien to finish with it. Still, I think it’s quite beautiful. The color, although bright, is quite pleasing to the eye, and better still, her favorite color. 😀

Also, this:

Found this while I was about today – after I spent two hours total at Manpower and Workforce. Missed the last morning bus, so I just wandered around Jackson. No matter that I went for Market Days last week, no matter at all. >.> Anywho, the book is a hoot. Hilarious and had me tearing up because I would read something, and I would be nodding vigorously because she described me to a ‘T’.

If ever I meet her, I want to hug her. And have this book autographed.


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