Baking mode, on!


Well, not exactly, more like Cooking Mode.  Like Baking, but it’s all-around kitchen craft.

Mother’s Day started off well enough.  I made Mom and Diana breakfast: three egg cheese omlet [meunster], three strips of chewy-crisp bacon, toasted raisin-cinnamon bagel, and a small bowl of strawberries.  Tea to drink, Mom had chamomile while Diana had Earl Grey.  They both loved the attention and thanked me to for the meal.

I spent the day planning and prepping for tonight’s dessert: Monkey bread.  To those not in the know, it’s bread made from balls of dough dipped in butter and plopped into a bundt pan and baked.  Or so says the recipe I found in Time-Life The Good Cook: Breads.  I made that one a few times and always good results.  Then I found a spin-off of that one, which calls to dip the bits in butter then cinnamon sugar.  Oh, and layer it with raisins soaked in hot water.  That one got rave reviews and made it a few times.

This time was a recipe from The Pioneer Woman, which calls for using canned biscuits instead of bread dough.  Also has you dip them in cinnamon sugar, then pouring molten butter on them.  It’s a nice diversion, but it doesn’t cut with me.  Next time I get the urge to make it, I’ll pull out the cookbook, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of that, I recently found out that my collection is not complete.  According to Wikipedia, there are twenty-eight books, and I am missing four: Beverages, Cookies & Crackers, Fruit, and Snacks & Sandwiches.  Of course, none of the local antique shops have those, which makes me rub my hands together and want to search more. 😀

Recently the folks here have been asking me to make what they call my classic recipes: lemon bars, the pull-apart coffeecake, lemon merengue pie, etc.  I need to get back into doing that.


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