Random hits from random sides


As Dorothy Parker once said
To her boyfriend, "Fare thee well."
-Ella Fitzgerald, "Just One of Those Things"

  • It has been a slow week here. Nothing much to wandering here. Just me and my knitting. Although, I am getting kinda sick of the lace and want to make something else with my scrap yarn. Maybe a garter stitch scarf. Who knows.
  • Mother’s Day is coming up, and I’ll be trying to make a Sunday tea brunch. We should have had a small tea party in honor of the Royal Wedding on Friday, but the kitchen has been the victim of another pipe leak, in the same area that it was in the last time, but lower. Much lower. Like towards the foundation.
  • I have been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess lately, and heading out to the Lakebed Temple. Now if only I can play while the kids are around, and have them stay quiet…
  • Not much on the writing front: Too many distractions and too little drive to do anything else than to look at my old stuff and sigh somewhat whistfully. I still would like an editor to help me finish my Nano from ’06.

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