Tales of the World: Captured


One of the things is that I write and submit my works on FurAffinity. I do this because they deal with my characters and they are of a slightly naughty nature. They are inspired from the notes from a notebook that I’ve been keeping for several years, and frankly the ideas need to be aired out. So I thought long and hard about this. If this sort of thing doesn’t interest you, feel free to skip. If it does, read on and comment.

The door opened, illuminating the dank stone room with flickering lights.

The person who stepped in was dressed in a green shirt and black slacks, his leather shoes glittering softly. He looked at the only occupant in the room.

It was an Alpha Bull, around nine feet high and utterly packed with muscles. A thick growth of body hair would have shown if the body was not covered with a glittering blue slime. A huge smile was plastered across the masculine face and occasionally a low moan escaped as he shook with pleasure.

“Hm…” the person said, walking around the Bull. After a few circuits, he stood before him and snapped his fingers. “Release.”

The slime retreated downwards, pooling around the Bull’s feet. The Bull blinked a few times, panting as the pleasure left him, his massive organ still spurting out a few dribbles of bull cum. He then focused on the person and remembered.

“How long, traitor?” He looked shocked at the rasp of his voice. “Great Father above us, tell me, how long!”

The person smiled. “About, hm…” He went forward and grasped the Alpha by the testicles and squeezed hard, causing him to groan in pain. His member dribbled thick clumps of sparkling green fluid, much to the interest of the person. “Hmm…three months? Maybe more. I lost count”

The Alpha would have went into a terrifying rage if the person didn’t start to stroke the massive rod, causing him to moan and grunt as he automatically orgasmed, shooting out thick streams of cum. Automatically the slime climbed up, coating the rod and absorbing the load, bringing the Bull into a higher level of pleasure. He moaned louder as he pumped an even larger amount. This went on for several minutes as the creature milked the bull dry. When the orgasm passed, the creature released his hold on the member.

“Hm, interesting,” the person said as the Alpha panted tiredly. “The X’Chordas seems to have train you well.” He gave the bull’s turgid organ a few heavy strokes.

“No,” gasped the Bull. “Please…ohfaugh!” He went into another heavy orgasm, which awoke the creature again, milking once again. The poor Alpha groaned in pain as his massive orbs were drained again for all their worth.

“Now do you see, Tribe-Father?” the person said as the creature milked the Bull. “You are broken now. There is nothing left for you to do but to join in my studies”

“The Father strike you where you stand, traitor,” the Tribe-Father rasped out between ragged pants. “May he punish you and cast you into the Fires!”

The person’s eyes narrowed as he pulled the Alpha’s head down to meet his eyes. “He forsaken me, Tribe-Father. When I needed him most, he left me. Deserted me and my beliefs. I curse the day I ever came to this planet. May he forever be cursed.” He let the head go. “You still hold on to your spirit. How fascinating. Maybe a few more months will help remove it.” He snapped his fingers.

“No! Please no!” the Bull’s screamed out before the X’Chordas smothered his mouth and surrounded his body, once again using it as a toy, a feeding ground. His eyes rolled up as the Bull was brought to another tremendous orgasm, his body shaking with pleasure.

The person looked at the Bull and left, closing the door behind him.


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