Storytime children!


Once upon a time, there was a knitter. One day, he was browsing throught the Harlingen Market Day fair when he espied a building…


Wondering about what he could find in there, he set forth valiently, not expecting much, but he was rather surprised to find two very wooly sweaters, each a dollar.

HPIM3542 HPIM3546

Knowing of how much yarn he could gather of them, he quickly looked up how to unravel sweaters and found a site that taught him all he needed to know.

And so he began with the grey one. And fucked up a sleeve. The rest went out well however.


The green one took longer, due to the fact that the sweater was lightly felted. But he was undetered! He used the best of his skills and came up with three balls!


The fourth was terrible in its way, always breaking apart, and the knitter said, “Fuck this,” and quickly left it alone, leaving a terrible mass of tangles to toss away.

And so, the knitter was left with wonderful wool to work with. The End.


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