Tales of the World: The Switch, Ch. 2-4


So, a while back, I posted a story. graveyardgreg went ahead and did two more stories as a commission and he did a smashing job on the storyline, including a few things that, when read, my mind went ‘Click!’ and melded everything into a fourth part, something I did a while back, and now edited today. Since FA blocks ‘Mature’ things to anon browsers, I decided to post the three parts here. Comments are most welcome.

Warning! These stories consist of anthro characters doing naughty things to each other. If that’s not your thing, feel free to push this button and add a bit of drama.

Part Two

The darkness faded as he slowly rose to consciousness, his memory a blank slate. There was no confusion to this amnesia, however, as things, tidbits, were recalled. Phil. His name was Phil. He was a human who wanted something more in his life. A life, perhaps, that involved sexual interactions with the Bulls who came to Earth from beyond the stars.

Everest. His friend he met months ago and solidified a friendship faster than anyone he’d ever met. More details crept into his memory. Caramel colored fur, tousled black hair that might have been a human invention, since he couldn’t imagine Bull’s actually having hair along with fur, and that perfectly sculpted body. Like carved from a mighty redwood, the muscles shifting with every movement of his heavy frame. It was love at first sight for both of them.

The Bulls, with all their advanced technology, loved the human race. Why was a indescribable reason, but one reason was the way humans were so emotional. Very Bullish in their own humanistic way.

Phil looked around, a feeling of disorientation flooding his mind as he saw the disturbing sight of himself, head slumped over in a chair. He looked down at himself, seeing a thickly hewn body, shaved and tattooed with symbols and lines that swirled and curved all over the surface of his skin. A Bull’s body.

“I see you’re conscious,” a Bull rumbled, his fur as dark as chocolate. He was looking at the scrolls of numbers that trailed down a screen. Phil remembered him now. This Bull had taken him into this room, where the genetic blank was formed into the ideal Bull for him. His own ideal Bull. Which he was now occupying. “Your vitals are good, motor functions working at optimum levels, everything seems to be in order.” His thickset lips parted in a flat toothed smile. “How do you feel?”

“I feel…I feel calm. Like I’ve been in this body all my life.”

“Hm. No human has said that before to my knowledge.” The Bull tapped a few keystrokes, watching the display of numbers shift. “Interesting. You took to the process better than I’d expected.” He gave Phil a sidelong glance. “You can move now, but be careful, because–” his voice faltered as Phil gave a hop off the chamber, stretching his arms, giving one an experimental flex. “Well, usually I’d say there was a brief period of adjustment from a human’s reflexes to a Bull’s.

Phil wasn’t listening fully, the bulk of his attention to what lay between his legs. His package was heavy, slightly larger than the Bulls, according to the chocolate Bull, and perfectly sculpted. It looked more like something one would find in a sculpture by Michaelangelo than a person.

“Are you listening?”

Phil’s head jerked up to the chocolate Bull, and he could feel the blush start to heat his cheeks. “No, not really.”

A strong chuckle escaped the Bull’s throat. “At least that’s one thing typical of you humans. You always enjoy the equipment.” He cleared his throat, then continued. “There’s no bugs in the transfer that I can find, so if you like, you can get what you came here for.”

Simply put, what Phil came for was sex. Lots of it. With Bulls. Everest would be a fine choice, but he wasn’t going to be choosy. “When can I start?” Phil asked, unable to fight back the smile that peeled back his lips.

“How about right now?”

“With you?” Phil was taken a bit aback, but his member immediately stirred to life, rising up quickly than any other time during his life as a human. This Bull body of his was very responsive.

“It would be my honor to be your first, Phil.” The name was like a harmonious medley from the Bull’s lips. He lumbered over to him, looking down at Phil’s ascending length. “And I think you are not displeased by such an idea.

“No. I’m not. But can we…” He hesitated for a moment, a bit embarrassed to make his request.


“Can I have someone else to join us? I was hoping Everest could…”

The Bull smiled widely, the warmth of it causing Phil’s member to fill out that much quicker. It was a wonder he wasn’t going to pass out from the blood loss that rushed from his head to his penis. “Everest is otherwise occupied, but if you don’t mind a quick threesome with myself and another, he’ll be waiting for you when we’re done.”

That sounded acceptable, so Phil nodded his agreement. The Bull took Phil by his growing member, a sensation that painted the chocolate Bull’s meaty hand with a dose of precum, and led Phil out of the chamber, down the empty hall, and into a room with a sunken bedding area. Sprawled out on the pillows was a snow white Bull, tassels and braids spilling out from his head and onto his shoulders. His eyes were the color of ice, and even his hooves looked as if they were sculpted from it too. “Phil, this is Kilimanjaro,” The chocolate Bull said, gesturing with his free hand to the white Bull. “And how rude of me,” he said, turning to look at Phil, the fingers gripping his member slowly massaging it to its fullest length. “You may call me Amazon.”


“I learned the Amazon is the mighty river where chocolate come from, and many humans have called the color of my pelt as ‘chocolate’.”

“It is a distinct pleasure to meet you, Phil.” Kilimanjaro’s voice was a throaty rumble, almost like a male version of the late Eartha Kitt. It was musical even for the Bull’s native tongue, and when Phil realized none of them were speaking English, he found another moment of disorientation. It quickly passed at the snow mountain of bullness stood up, stepping out of the sunken center to join Amazon and Phil. “So I am to understand you wish to rut with us Bulls?”

Phil nodded. “Yes. Please.”

“I have no objection to being one of your firsts.” Kilimanjaro’s ice-blue eyes flickered over to his colorful opposite. “Shall we begin?”

Phil nodded eagerly, his length painting both Amazon and Kilimanjaro’s hands as they stroked it, the two Bulls leading the newly formed Bull to the sunken beddings. What followed next would be Phil’s dream come to wonderful truthfulness.

But that’s a story for another day.

Part Three

Two Bulls–one a deep chocolate brown, the other as white as driven snow–led Phil in his newly acquired body to the sunken bedding. When he chose to join the Bulls in their own form, made into reality with their amazingly advanced technology, he didn’t expect to be part of a threesome. As his hooves touched the floor, he swallowed heavily and asked “How do you two want to do this?”

The snow-white Bull, Kilimanjaro, grinned, his pale lips pulling back to reveal perfect flat teeth. “It is your choice, Phil,” he said in earthy bass tones, sending a heat through Phil’s enhanced loins. The two Bulls had led him down by his member, which was now fully erect and aching to release itself against those thick, broad hands.

“If that’s true,” Phil grunted, reaching down to cup his hands over the two Bulls’ erect packages, “then I would love to have one behind me, and the other in front of me.”

The snow-white Bull chuckled deeply, the beads and tassels on his dreadlocks swaying as he nodded his great horned head. “And what will we do about your…stiffness?” he asked, indicating the hard length between Phil’s legs.

“I’m saving that for Everest.” It was his dream to couple with his ideal Bull, even if he quite didn’t realize it until his consciousness was transferred into the hulking, shaven, tattooed form he now inhabited, but it was true. He wanted nothing more than to mate with Everest as an equal, and using their technology to fulfill the dream was definitely the right choice. Part of him hoped he would never go back to being human, but he pushed that thought aside. There were two Bulls to play with in the meantime.

Phil moved a hand up Kilimanjaro’s length, brushing his thumb lightly over the tip. He marveled at how the Bulls had a total of six fingers on each hand–perhaps he would learn a thing or two on how to use the extra digit.

Kilimanjaro released another thick rumble; this time it was one of pleasure. “You certainly have a nice touch, Phil,” the snow-white bull remarked. “Have you been a Bull before?”

Amazon, the chocolate colored Bull answered for him. “This is his first,” he said lustily, as he placed his muzzle against Phil’s neck, the leathery lips kissing lightly along the bare skin.

“His first? My, that is impressive. You move as if you have had experience.”

Phil murmured his thanks, lifting his free hand to rub at Amazon’s temple.

“We should begin.” Kilimanjaro placed his hands on Phil’s shaven shoulders and let his fingers trace along the swirling tattoos on his skin. He slowly pushed Phil down to his knees. “Now if you could get on all fours,” he breathed, “we can have fun.”

Amazon moved behind Phil, the chocolate Bull’s strong hands squeezed and stroked his rump cheeks. “Do you prefer slow-and-gentle or fast-and-rough, Phil?”

He had never been asked that question before, even when human. “Slow,” he replied, “if you don’t mind.” He could always discover the other option next time.

“Slow it is, then.” Phil suddenly felt a cold, slick substance on his rump, and a thick digit probed its way inside him. “A little lube, as you humans call it. It will make for a more pleasant experience.”

Phil sucked in a breath as the finger exited and, when he exhaled, he found another thick digit cup his chin, lifting his head to make eye contact with Kilimanjaro. The Bull’s ice-blue eyes sparkled as the he once again grinned toothily. “Are you ready on this end, Phil?”

Such politeness. Phil wondered if they were polite in every aspect of their social play. “I am,” he said, and then Kilimanjaro released his head.

“Very well,” the white Bull sat up, giving Phil an eyeful of his wide, long length, and said gently “whenever you are ready to proceed.”

Phil craned his head forward, rubbing his lips along the crown, over the glans, then down the length. He gave the shaft an experimental lick, and was surprised to see how far his tongue traveled down to the Bull’s scrotum!

Kilimanjaro chuckled. “I see you are caught unawares, eh? We Bulls have quite the long tongues. I doubt there is anything small about us.”

Phil was ready to reply when Amazon placed his hand on the small of Phil’s back, and directly slid his own wide length inside the former human, eliciting a strangled gasp. “Slow and gentle is a wise choice if your reaction is any evidence,” rumbled the chocolate Bull.

Phil regained his composure quickly. He lapped at Kilimanjaro’s member, dragged his tongue all the way back up, then teased the slit, already wet with dribbling pre. It tasted salty, but also had the sweet aftertaste of honey. He opened his muzzle wide, slurped in the crown and slid his head quickly downwards until his snout was nuzzling against the snow-white Bull’s crotch. Kilimanjaro immediately gripped the back of Phil’s skull and smiled to his fellow bovine. “Definitely acts as if he’s done this before.”

“Agreed.” Amazon was slowly pushing deeper into Phil, then pulled out halfway and plunged his length back inside.

The heat from both ends grew as he bobbed his head against Kilimanjaro, trying his best to match the rhythm created by the Bull behind him. His member was aching for release from all the new sensations, and when he found he could also engulf Kilimanjaro’s scrotum with his tongue he almost lost it then and there but valiantly held fast, keeping his libido under control. However, when he took Kilimanjaro’s sac into his muzzle, the white bull couldn’t hold himself back and Phil had to release the package as it pulled up into the white Bull’s groin, his member stiffening even more rigidly than before, the orgasm about ready to unleash itself.

At least that’s what he thought. Several seconds passed and nothing happened. He opened his eyes to look up at Kilimanjaro, who rewarded him with a contented smile. “Oh, it’s approaching, Phil,” he explained, “but we Bulls can hold back our multiple orgasms.”

Multiple? Had the white Bull actually said multiple? His eyes widened and Kilimanjaro laughed. “As a matter of fact, I think you’re about to learn how to deny a gag reflex…right…” the Bull’s breath grew suddenly ragged. “…now.”

The warmth seemed to travel from the Bull’s sac all the way up through his length and burst inside Phil’s muzzle–hot, ropey pearls, one after the other, pelting the back of his throat, forcing him to swallow each and every one. As if on cue, Amazon unloaded his own seed into Phil, filling the new Bull to the brim with so much warmth he was almost overcome with a feeling similar to post-coital sleepiness. A few magical minutes later, after the orgasms from the two Bulls finally subsided, he felt a fuzziness around his vision, followed by the blessed heaviness of sleep, even though he still had a raging erection.

Everest would have to wait, though. When Phil woke, he would find himself spooned between two magnificent creatures with whom he shared his first experience of being a Bull, and perhaps showed him the path that might lead him into falling in love with one.

But that’s a story for another day.

Part Four

A meandering river of images.

Bulls rutting with each other in passion and lust. Bulls in love standing in a open gazebo. One bull with a human, hugging each other. Huge blue globs covering a Bull with a dazed expression of pleasure. Insanely tall towers both severely angled and sensuously rounded. Four moons shining on as bright stars twinkled, another one a thin crescent.

It went on and on.

Phil opened his eyes.

First he noticed the room. It was done in bright blues and greens, the colors of nature. Scintillating lines of light traced the walls in complex geometric patterns, fading away before other lines traced different patterns.

Secondly was that he was unbelievably horny. His mind wandered back to the amazing rut he had before, with two amazing Bulls, and he started to leak pre. He grabbed his member, still surprised at the thickness and its length and gave it a few strokes, diving into a pool of pleasure that he didn’t know of until he became a Bull.

His mind wandered to the moment that he saw the Den. He heard the rumors of what was there, of what they could give you, and something deep inside him wanted him to go in. He waited a few days before plucking up his courage and going in. And he didn’t look back.

Now he sprawled on a thick blanket, this new body fitting him like a very comfortable pair of jeans. He lightly traced his tattoos on his chest when he noticed something else: Someone was tonguing his ass with a wide wet tongue. He instinctively spread his legs wider to provide better access, to which the tongue responded by going deeper, almost, but not quite, penetrating him.

He looked a chocolate brown mass of muscles between his legs. “Amazon?”

The mentioned Bull raised his head. “Good morning, Phil,” he said as he landed on top of Phil. They kissed passionately, feeling each other massive forms. “I take it your rest has been pleasant?”

Phil licked his lips, tasting how delicious his ass now tasted, so rich and strong, like his favorite brand of coffee. “How long has it been?” he asked. He wiggled a bit, his ass itching terribly, aching to be filled.

“Only a few hours, Phil,” said another voice. Phil turned his head to find another Bull, snow white and extremely built. “We played while we let you rest.” He fondled his outrageously sized member lovingly.

Phil focused on that member and licked his muzzle. He remembered the taste of Kilimanjaro, but now he wanted to taste another Bull.

He flipped Amazon over, mildly surprising the chocolate Bull, attacking his member with such sensuality that Amazon moaned loudly.

“Certainly acts like he’s done this before,” Kilimanjaro chuckled as he positioned himself behind Phil. He gave Phil’s hole a few fingers, probing its tightness before ramming himself in. He grunted, “So good,” before pulling out and ramming himself in again repeatedly.

Phil was enjoying Amazon’s own member, his pre coincidentally reminding Phil of bittersweet chocolate. He slobbered over the crown, running his tongue over its edge and lapping up the river that it was giving out. He dimly heard the Bull’s sensuous moans, but he was in a world of his own. He felt himself being filled to the brim, Kilimanjaro pummeling his ass with a force, he somehow knew, that would crush a regular human in moments.

Amazon was both surprised and alarmed at this turn of events. Phil was turning out to be an interesting subject. Almost too interesting. As mentioned before, he was accepted the body exceptionally quickly. Almost too quickly. His eyes widened as he thought of the causes. Could this be a bug in the transfer? No, everything was fine, including the mental templates. He checked and double checked everything, as was the case with any transfer.

But something was making him grasp the Bulls’ habits quickly. What?

His train of thought crashed when he saw Phil wrap his tongue around the entire length of his member before swallowing in the entire length. His eyes were closed in utter bliss as Kilimanjaro pounded him, his own face stretched in a wide toothy grin.

Amazon threw his head back against the pillows and let loose his load, flooding Phil’s mouth with his warm cream. He came for several minutes while Kilimanjaro rammed himself one last time and roared as his he also let himself go.

A while later, the three separated, satisfied for the moment. Phil looked at Amazon and embraced him, their tongues wrestling softly for a moment as they kissed before he embraced Kilimanjaro as well.

“By the Father’s own horns,” Kilimanjaro said when they separated, “you are taking this much better than I ever knew possible. Could it be that you were one of us beforehand?”

Amazon’s eyes grew even wider in shock. Could it be?

Phil looked at them. “Can we go and meet with Everest now? I have this most pressing need to rut with him.” And he grabbed his achingly hard member as in proof.


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