“Really Construct, did you have to do this sort of thing?”

Au’Torms looked at the Absolute, then looked at the screen before them. It covered the entire wall, with inlays of strange metals and rare inlays bulit into it. Strange lights played across it, showing interesting glimpses into various scenes. But one scene was keeping their attention.

In it, they saw two other Absolutes, one human, and a minotaur-esque person stand up and try to dodge the energy balls that the other person was throwing. That is, if you would call him a person: the arms ended in strange devices that shot out the balls and the face was heavily scarred and covered in bone.

They also noticed that two of them, one in glistening red and black silk and the other in armor, just sitting there, drinking tea and watching the scene without much interest.

Au’Torms dry-washed his hands. “Oh yes, this is simply delicious. Chaos couldn’t have done this any better.”

“Of course, from how my other siblings reacted, this was to be expected,” Creation said dryly. “I still do not understand what good this will do, Construct.”

He paused his motions for a moment, then went a bit slower. “Something the most chaotic events are planned with the utmost precision. Sometimes the most orderly of processions are done without any rules.”

“In short, you wound up one of your machines and used it as a wild card.”

“Hey, you asked me to make a diversion, and I did. And from what I’m seeing, even that is falling off its feet.”

“Indeed, Construct,” agreed Creation as she saw the human grab the teapot and fling the contents at the thing’s face. They both heard the scream as it scalded, then cringed as the other person ram a meaty fist into the face, caving it in. The thing collasped in one swift motion. “Well, that ends things.”

“Yeah,” said Au’Torms as the scene flickered, then went black. They both turned to see everyone staring at them, the room slightly filled with powdered morter, the four Absolutes with utterly blank faces, and the other two talking in muffled tones, gesturing to the duo, one of them shaking his fist trying to get some feeling in it.

“By the gods,” Au’Torms muttered as the Creation went forward with a fixed smile, “we’ve been found out.”

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