New story line…


[Based in my own universe]

From the scrolls of historian Ys’Hrux

Thousands of years ago, when the world was in war, the Forces of Night devised five beings, or constructs, designed to bring victory for their side. They composed of the following: M’Inchros the Destroyer, Au’Torms the Creator, D’Volx the Summoner, G’chsi the Posessor, and Di’Mol the Shifter. During the majority of the war, they brought chaos and destruction to the Forces of Day, and it was certain that they would bring a new age of darkness upon the world.

Then M’Inchros did the unthinkable. He fell in love.

The creators were in shock as he declared, in front of the Grand Counsel of Mor’chai, that he loved another, and that he would forsake his previous vows to be one with that person and align his powers with the Forces of Day.

The Counsel was in an uproar. They demanded that Au’Toms to create a plague, one that would decimate the city that M’Inchros lived with his mate, so that he could learn the full price of his betrayal.


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