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“But if Destiny can see what is happening–”

“No he cannot. He only knows that what is going on is wrong.”

Chaos looked at me intently, as if I was a loose gear in a watch and needed to be replaced. “You see, Destiny’s role in this universe is to make sure that everything that happens happens. For example, you had a few wars on your planet, right?” I nodded once before he continued, “Now history states the reason who ended them and why, but Destiny makes sure who wins is supposed to win. No excuses made. He knows what is to happen and makes sure that it does.”

Order interjected, “Now Fate on the other hand knows as well, but she gives a wide leeway. Choices are what she gives, numbers that add up to a sum.”

“And that sum only Destiny knows. And will make sure that it will add up to that.”

We were in a different area of the Minotaur’s place, sitting at a rather large table. Place is as certain as I could understand: The entire room we were was decorated in murals of fornicating Bulls of every shape, size, and muscularity. The two Absolutes looked at them with huge smiles and knowing glances, almost as if they lived those lives, which confused the hell out of me.

The Minotaur himself placed a ornate salver next to me, laden with tea stuffs and poured out to everyone. After helping himself to a couple sugar lumps, he asked Order, “So, what exactly is going on? I mean, what exactly is Destiny trying to do?”

The Absolute looked down at his cup and grimiced. “He is basically trying to make sure he wins a contest, the rules none of us know of. But it is like, to borrow the human’s expression, playing with a fixed deck of cards.”

“Because,” I said, “he knows of what exactly is going to happen and will make sure that will happen.”

“Correct, human,” Chaos said as he stirred his tea. “But Fate wants the thing to run fair, so she chose the pieces. And started it the moment a certain godling opened a door.” And he sipped while he glanced at Minotaur and winced. “Godling, have you ever thought of sugar?”

I pushed the sugar bowl towards Chaos, who began adding a rather large number of lumps. “Care for any tea in your sugar?” I asked. He gave me withering stare before I continued, “So the moment he opened the door, to let me in, they set the contest.”

“Yes,” Order said. “Fate asked us to be here to keep the contest chancey, since we are basically the distilled essence of order and chaos. Destiny didn’t like that move at all.”

“I’m not surprised at that,” Minotaur rumbled. He poured himself another cupful and helped himself to a strawberry tart. “But I am surprised at the fact that he’s actually allowing it.”

“All I’m surprised at,” I intruded, “is that you folks are actually eating.”

The trio looked at me, Minotaur with a half-eaten tart and the Absolutes with cake crumbs on their clothes.

“Well,” Chaos said, brushing away his share of crumbs, “once you turn mortal, you get something called an appetite.”


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