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Part 3

“So is this the depth of your depravities, Construct?”

Au’Torms looked up from his work and glanced at the lady standing a few yards away. “Actually, Absolute, I was wondering how I could improve this work.”

Creation went up to the slab and glanced at the person under the knife. Already his bones have been confiscated and replaced with thick steely pistons and hinges. The face was peeled away: the skull carefully reinforced with hair-thin wires that scintillated with sparks of blue and green energy. The Absolute looked closer into the face. The eyes were still moving, the expession of horrific pain frozen in them.

She looked up and looked at Au’Torms. “Why are you doing this?”

He removed the stomach before answering. “I am curious in the ways of improvement. I was my first patient you know.” He motioned his hands across his body, showing the metalwork thereof. “I merely wish to help with the improvement of others, in any way I desire.” His eyes narrowed. “Is it just me, or you do not wish for this? I thought you represented the very thing I’m doing.”

She nodded. “It is true. I represent creation: creation of form, of thought, of mind. When life bloomed in this universe, I felt the need of the imagination, of the dream, along with it, and I cultivated it to heights that no mortal could think of.”

“Then why are you critisizing my own creating?” he interjected.

“I wouldn’t have thought anyone would do it to such a degree.” She traced her fingers over the wires. “You know that he is still alive.”

“Of course.” He straightened up from the slab and toweled off the gory mess off of his fingers. “He wouldn’t be much use dead, now could he?” And he laughed for a moment. “Now, if I may inquire your business here?”

“Chaos and Order are with the godling at the moment.”

Au’Torms snarled, “What? Why are they with him?”

“I don’t know, but at the moment, they are discussing a deal that two others of my kind have agreed to. This might interfere with your plans.”

“And what do you want me to do?”

The Absolute just smiled.


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