A minor story with steampunk


“And what is this?”

They looked at the machine, with it’s sleek black enamel with slightly curved inlays of screwed-in brass and steel. Spiked gears peeked out in a few places. A few pipes heading upward occasionally coughed up thick clouds of steam.

R’Chonz looked at his mate. “This is the latest in technology, the thing that will change the world!” He climbed up onto the plush velvor seat and motioned to the other one. “C’mon, mate. I assure you that it will be a ride to remember.”

Z’tamz looked at the machine, shrugged, and scrambled up. “Now what?”

“Watch.” R’Chonz grabbed a lever and pulled until it was level to the seat.

A massive cloud of steam erupted from the pipes, accompanied by a loud high-pitched whistle. And the entire thing moved forward, causing Z’tamz to grab at the armrests in fright.


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