He walked into the place as if he owned it, wearing a heavy black trenchcoat. He looked around until he saw my table and came towards it. He sat himself down and winced a bit as he heard the chair creak omniously under his weight.

“I took the pleasure in ordering you a gin tonic.” I gestured towards the glass, which he took and drank in long swallows.

“So, you heard about the deal tonight?” he asked in a deep southern accent when he was done.

“Of course, Moose.” I took a sip out of my own tumbler. “I honestly do not know how they could have been so…” I paused, trying to find the proper word.

“Bloody stupid?” Moose suggested. He always had a good gist of the English tounge.

“Bloody stupid,” I agreed, and took another sip. “I mean, how can they do that? We had a deal with them. No fighting in the eastern ports and we would not attack in the western. I honestly think they are renaging on the agreement.”

“Joe would have thought differently,” Moose rumbled.

I nodded dolefully. “Yeah, he would. How is he doing anyway?”

“He’s at home, making dinner.” His voice took on a serious tone. “I have to be there, bull. I have to protect him.”

I gave him a long cool look. How long has it been since they first met? And now he’s treating that damned human as his mate. Maybe he is, in his own way. The tribe will not like it, I thought as I drained the last of my drink. They will not like it at all. Well, a simple test will make it clear.

“Fine, you do that. I will let the Tribe Father know that you are not going to be part of the fight. I will also inform him of the reason why you will not be there.”

He looked at me in shock. I could see he was spinning thoughts in his head. A few moments passed and he nodded sadly.

“You do that, bull. Inform him and let him know that I’ll accept any punishement he deems fit because of this. But also tell him this, that I promised Joe I would stand by his side until this is over. And the oath is binding even now.” He stood up and mussled my head for a moment before leaving.


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