Story shortage…


He turned the key in the lock and opened the heavily gilded doors. The quiet ticking I heard earlier exploded into a loud barrage of noise.

“Behold, the Clockwork of Time,” he said as I walked farther into the chamber, amazed with what I saw.

All of the walls were thickly covered with gearwork: Gears made out of various metals gleamed alongside with cogs that seemed to be carved from jewels. Pinions of light worked along with rachets of dark shadow. I looked at one of the walls, a huge circle of some strange nacre, with odd symbols inscibed on it. Several long slender pointers rotated slowly, pausing slightly when they reached various places. I looked up, only to find that the walls extended to a bright point, higher than I could see.

“Magnificant, isn’t it?” The Minotaur walked over to my side and looked at the circle. “Although this is only a tenth of the whole clockwork, this is one of the most important pieces.” He pointed to one of the symbols, in the shape of a wriggly cross with a few other marks around it. “That is the sign of Fate, they who know of the future, only to let us decide how it is supposed to be.” He then pointed to one of the pointers, which was almost pointing to the symbol. “This pointer will give them a chance to wind their set of clockwork, which will, in essence, assist them with other clockworks.”

“But,” I said, my head confused with new thoughts, “why are you showing me this?”

A petulant voice said, “Yes, godling, why are you showing this creature this?”

We both turned to find someone standing there,a handsome bearded guy dressed in deep twilight purple. He didn’t look much amused as he walked towards the Minotaur.

“You are not allowed to show anyone this, godling, nor even have anyone in your chambers. We promised, you, me, and my brother, that any of your creatures,” he said that word with more disgust, “will never be here. Now you will answer me, why is he here?”

The Minotaur looked deep into my eyes with his liquid browns, and pulled me close. “He is to be my mate.”

I didn’t know who was more surprised, me or the man.


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