He took a pack of cards from the cabinet and started playing solitare.

“The deck’s not complete, kid,” one of the guards.

“I know,” the bull said in a deep baritone, his muscular form twitching with every movement. “If I knew any better, you’re missing three cards: the ace of diamonds, the queen of clubs, and a two.”

The guards looked at each other with amusement as the bull swore softly and gathered up the cards for another round. “And how you know that how?” said the another guard.

The bull played another round, muttering to himself sometimes, shaking his head. After he gathered up the cards, he spoke:

“The chances of a card not appearing twice in a row is somewhat rare. Even if you shuffle the cards in such a fashion that they are totally random. All you have to do is to think of the cards that are not reappearing. And from the games I played so far, the only ones are the missing are the ones I told you about.”

As he was speaking, no one noticed that, one by one, the guards collasped to the ground, only to be held by a pair of hands that dragged them to the shadowy backgrounds.

“Of course, when I found out that they were missing all I could do was to play and keep losing.” The bull lifted his head only to find that two guards were still there. “Uhm…wasn’t there six of you?”

The other two went for their guns moments before they too collasped to the ground.

A thick powerlifter of a man in a dark green shirt and blue jeans stepped over the two, went to the bull and held out a hand. “Heya.”

The bull looked at the hand then to the smiling face. “Who are you?”

“Your rescuer, bull. I’m Miszos H’Czus, head of the Volunteer Helpers Association, and we have belief that you are being accused of being framed for the murder of your father.”

The bull only nodded. He had heard of the VHA. They scoured the globe looking for wrongdoings and crimes that needed the right person to be tried, and they used their infinite resources to bring justice and mercy to the world.

He reached over to the hand and shook it. “Pleased to meet you.”


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